Thursday, June 17, 2010

Puppy belly futures

There are few things in this world that create the level of despair and gnawing emptiness inside than a 2 week old, too weak puppy that just will not eat. No bottle, no syringe, no mush. You know they come to you compromised. Worms. Malnutrition. Viruses and bacteria. But you have to try.

Of this new batch of four at my house, the little fluffy brown girl just would not eat. She was too big to tube feed, and we had already lost one of her siblings a few nights ago. I was getting that sinking feeling - she would not eat, and she was losing what little weight she had. Each night was a gamble, would she be with us in the morning?


There are few things in this world that create the level of elation and exuberant optimism inside me than a fading puppy that screams at five o'clock in the morning FEED ME!!! NOW!!! Aida had put her in her own little carrier next to the bed, and we had dewormed her and started her on Clavimox to fight the 104 degree fever. We both leapt up when she started screaming for food a half hour before the alarm would sound. HOORAY! She is hungry! And oh my did she suck down some formula!

There are few things in this world that make me smile and bring as much contentment as a big round puppy belly full of mush/goats milk/karo syrup/yogurt.

They're almost three weeks old. Stay tuned - it looks like they're on the way to long healthy lives, and should be on the site in about 3 weeks. Unless Aida gets trigger happy and posts their cute pics sooner.

Love me some fat puppy bellies.

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